Aims & Objective




Free Education

To provide free education to the poor and deserving children or whatever help required to them regarding their studies.

Free Medical Assistance

Free Medical aid dispensaries shall be opened in the areas where it is felt necessary for poor and deserving people. Keeping in the mind that presently medical fee and medicine is very expensive and is in access of the ability of the patients to bear. The facility of ambulance and even the Hospital Services shall be provided if any one is injured in accidents or some disasters.

To Help the Orphans/ Orphans homes in light of the living standard of the orphans who are left alone and there is no one to look after them & there is no means of boarding and lodging their homes in strangers homes, we shall visit them fortnightly or monthly and shall provide them all sort of help whether financial moral and economical from time to time.

Destitute women and children

This is also our basic objective based on humanitarian grounds by providing best services to the destitute women and innocent children to set them in the society, so that they can lead a respectable life by using their own skills and abilities.

We shall also provide legal aid to the destitute women prisoners who are punished without being heard in police stations and in jails and have no one to help for their acquittal. We shall also provide any legal assistance to the infant children and teenagers leading a sentenced life with their mothers on crimes in different jails.

To help the prisoners

To work for the welfare of prisoners who are detained in the police stations sentenced and are unable to seek financial or legal remedy for their acceptance.

Drug Abuse Presentation

  • Monthly seminars shall be organized on drug problems
  • To conduct a community awareness campaign on drugs
  • To established rehabilitation centers for treatment of drug-taking patients.

Educational Services

  • Awards/ Scholarships shall be given to students who cannot bear their education expenses etc.
  • Adult Education Volunteers in literacy program shall be organized to adults who due to some means were unable to acquire proper education in life.
  • To organize vocational training to the poor girls, women and students who cannot continue or complete their studies in bad financial circumstances.

 Social Services

 To provide legal aid to the destitute prisoners, particularly to females and children and endeavors for them rehabilitation in the society.

  • To open women welfare centers and vocational training centers in rural areas especially in village’s standard of living is very low.

 Knitting and Sewing Centers

We have planned to install knitting & sewing centers for poor girls whose parents are very poor and unable to pay center fees. Later these girls after completion regarding their skills can earn their living and can help their parents by some financially assistance.

To help the disabled

We shall provide financial assistance to children, women and men to serve them without any discrimination of race, religion and relation, as we have a wide-spread aim in humanitarian grounds to help everyone.

Christian Rights & Peace

To help Christian people who take them his/her rights and also provide help non religious rights and world peace.


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